Bridge of Weir

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Where did they pray?

Memorials in the places of worship of the men who died. Churches are in Bridge of Weir unless otherwise noted. St. Machar's Church was not named such until after the 1914-19 war. Until then it was Bridge of Weir Parish Church. Ranfurly Church merged with St Machar's Church in 1968. The Ranfurly and St Machar's memorials are on display in what then became St. Machar's Ranfurly Church.

Name Church Memorial Name Church Memorial
Henry AndrewRanfurly Andrew HoustonFreeland
John AndrewRanfurlyPeter HoustonFreeland
Richard ArrollRanfurlyWilliam HoustonSt. Machar's
George BalfourRanfurlyAndrew JacksonRanfurly
Ian BannatyneRanfurlyGeorge JacksonRanfurly
Frederic BarrSt. Machar'sRobert Jackson
Lyle BarrSt. Andrew's, Buenos AiresRitchie JohnstoneRanfurly
Speirs BarrSt. Machar'sWilliam KeithSt. Machar's
Robert BarrWilliam Kerr
John BegleySt. Fillan's, HoustonThomas Lawrie
William BlackleyFreelandWilliam McClure
Malcolm BrodieSt. Machar'sNeil MacdonaldSt. Machar's
James BrooksSt. Machar'sJohn MacdougallRanfurly & St. Machar's
John BrownSt. Machar'sRobert McDougallFreeland
Walter BrownSt. Machar'sJames McGibbonFreeland
Robert BrowningSt. Machar'sDavid McGregorRanfurly
James BurnsSt. Machar'sJohn McInnesRanfurly
Robert BurnsSt. Machar'sWilliam McKenzieFreeland
William CairnsSt. Machar'sAdam McLeod (Walton)Freeland & St. Machar's
Peter CalliganSt. Machar'sWalter McWilliam
Alexander CameronRanfurlyRobert MillarSt. Machar's
William CandlishRanfurlyWilliam Millar
John ClarkFreeland & St. Machar'sRobert MilroySt. Machar's
David CummingsFreelandCharles Morgan
Alister DuffSt. Machar'sErnest Murray
George FisherSt. Machar'sWilliam NeilSt. Machar's
Archibald FultonRanfurlyRobert NivenSt. Machar's
Hugh FultonRanfurlyJames PollockSt. Machar's
Andrew GardinerSt. Machar'sJames RestonFreeland
Gottfried Hepner GiffenQuarrier's VillageEdward SheddenFreeland & St. Machar's
John GraySt. Machar'sJames SmellieSt. Machar's
Hudson HardmanSt. Machar'sThomas SpinkSt. Machar's
John HigginsSt. Fillan's, HoustonRobert SproulRanfurly
Peter HigginsSt. Fillan's, HoustonHenry StrangSt. Machar's
John HolmesSt. Machar'sDavid TodSt. Machar's
James HoodSt. Machar's James WoodrowFreeland

St Machar's Memorial -ww1

Bridge of Weir Parish Church (later St. Machar's) Memorial from the Unveiling and Dedication Order of Service, 20th November 1921.

Bridge of Weir Parish Church Minute Book in the Great War

Freeland Memorial -ww1 Freeland Memorial -ww1 close up

Part of Freeland Church Memorial with 1914-1918 Freeland Fallen. The original memorial was unveiled on 12 December 1920.

Freeland United Free Church Deacons Court Minutes in the Great War

Ranfurly United Free Church Memorial Tablet was unveiled on 24 October 1920

Ranfurly United Free Church Minute Book in the Great War

St Fillan's Church, Houston has two memorial stained glass windows commemorating three of its sons.

St Fillan's Church, Houston - John Begley

John Begley memorial window

St Fillan's Church, Houston - John Higgins and Peter Higgins

Higgins memorial window

Where were they born?

Where did they learn?

Where did they live?

Where did they work?

Where did they play?

Where did they serve?

Where and when did they die?

Where are they remembered?

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